Black and Blue

by Cunt Cuntly

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All songs written and recorded by DeSalvo. Artwork by Grzegorzewski. Recorded at Puppy Pocket Studios, Dracut MA.


released April 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Cunt Cuntly Lowell, Massachusetts

Joe DeSalvo: Guitar, song writter (2011-)

David Harmon: Guitar (2011, 2014- 2015)

Nolan Grzegorzewski: Bass (2014-2016) Sax (2015-2017)

Alex Sullivan: Vocals (2015-2016)

Ben Clark: Vocals (2015-2017)
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Track Name: Double Rainbow [Acoustic]
Excerpt from original version
I look at this world and all that I see,
is seven billion people all different than me.
If every single person lived an hour a day,
this whole fucking world would be a better place.

All of my problems swipe em under the rug,
'cause my nom de plume is far too smug.
I think it's 'bout time to pull this plug,
'cause I don't need life I'm high on drugs.
Track Name: Great Shapes / Dreamspace [Acoustic]
Excerpt from original version
I see you in my dreams, it never stops.
I always loose you when I wake up.
If it's only in my dreams where I can stand tall,
then whats the point of living at all?
If there is another world behind my eyes,
then don't expect me to not take my time.

Your eyes are useless if your mind is blind,
I've seen this world and I'll make it mine.
Challenge yourself, to see if its true.
For better or worse we must acknowledge our truths.

You can only get so far until you find a familiar place,
where you can understand the world and all of its great shapes.
Track Name: Melting Moon [Acoustic]
Excerpt from original version
I had a commune with the gods,
I then killed them all.
I held my throne as the populations died,
I had no remorse for the way that the gods died.
The book of life has been written but its pages don't turn,
as I can't read from a book that's been burned.
I'll swim my way to our melting moon,
to watch our world end centuries to soon.

Our seasons constant changing fills our minds with hallow doubts,
following conceptions of what this is all about.
Seconds turn to me, I grave them. Hours turn to centuries,
bending into years thrown back to feel our own worst memories.
For every star you see, is another scar on me.
Everyone's too numb and proud to admit to their hypocrisy.
Set it ablaze and scream in the dark,
our home is now filled with hideous scars.
Track Name: The Edge [Acoustic]
Excerpt from original version
I sit in my car late at night,
but I don't move I'm to drunk to drive.
Sometimes I wish these streets would flood.
Family isn't always blood.
You don't need a vice to feel okay,
if you're having a problem you can talk to me.
We all feel fear and I missed my vow,
I really was hoping I would be someone by now.

Would you ever have the guts to tell me I'm wrong?
Are you even able to understand?
I can not forgive and forget,
when I know you're not proud of who I am.