Hadean Eon [SINGLE]

by Cunt Cuntly

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Hadean Eon: DeSalvo/Grzegorzewski.
Songs 2-4: DeSalvo/Grzegorzewski.
Seven Dicks: Harmon/DeSalvo/Sullivan.


released November 23, 2016

Hadean Eon: DeSalvo/Grzegorzewski

All other songs: DeSalvo/Grzegorzewski



all rights reserved


Cunt Cuntly Lowell, Massachusetts

Joe DeSalvo: Guitar, song writter (2011-)

David Harmon: Guitar (2011, 2014- 2015)

Nolan Grzegorzewski: Bass (2014-2016) Sax (2015-2017)

Alex Sullivan: Vocals (2015-2016)

Ben Clark: Vocals (2015-2017)
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Track Name: Seven Dicks (Acoustic) [Piranha Hobnob]
Name a time ill name a place, 7 dicks stuck in my face.

One cocks, two cocks, three cocks more.
Stuck in my face, yeah.
Four cocks, five cocks, six cocks uh.
Seven cocks, seven cocks,
Oh, stuck in my face.
seven cocks, seven cocks, seven cocks.

Sucking tons of cock is my favorite thing to do,
I'm calling all the boys to my house after school.
They all form a line, and it leads out my door,
holy shit my dad raised such a fucking trashy whore.

I'm such a good girl, daddy tells me I'm the best.
I never do no wrong cause I'm such a princess.
I really cannot help myself, I just don't give a fuck.
It only took me 30 minutes to suck seven cocks.


Verse 2
The voices in my ear are telling me to stop,
but i really cant, I Just love sucking cock.
My lips are ripped and torn from all the things I've done,
ill never ever stop the cock suckings just begun.

Ill suck any cock cause I do not mind the taint,
the cocks that I've sucked would surely make my parents faint.
I Have a lump in my throat from all the cum I guzzle,
treat me like a dog, give me your cock its like a muzzle.